FAQs: Work & Compensation

What happens when the project ends?
Agents who have successfully completed at least 50 hours on a project are eligible to post for additional projects. Projects are available to active agents first.
Can I work on more than one project at a time?
Yes, agents are typically eligible to work on two programs at once, and occasionally three depending on the time commitment involved. We cannot guarantee consistent work will be available, but we do our best to keep our reliable and successful agents busy. Please remember that reliability is as important as performance, especially when working with a virtual workforce.
Who determines the hours I work?
Agents are able to schedule the hours they want to work, but they are responsible for those hours once scheduled. Agents who consistently follow through on their commitments and perform well on their projects will have more success and will be given priority scheduling.
Do you provide benefits?
All of our agents are self-employed independent contractors. Traditional employee benefits, such as paid time off and health insurance, cannot be offered. The main benefits are the ability to schedule your own hours and work when it is convenient for you, from the comfort of home, without the hassles of commuting and purchasing a professional wardrobe.
Working Solutions also offers several Agent Community Perks, including discounts to major computer retailers, and Agent Rewards and Referral Programs.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes. If you were referred to us by one of our agents, be sure to list their Agent Identification Number on your application, so they can receive credit for bringing us another qualified agent.
How much can I earn?
Each program is paid differently. Some pay by the record or entry, while others pay by talk minutes, sales, or a combination of both. Some may be paid a set amount per program. Agents have earned the equivalent of anywhere from $7.50 per hour to $30 per hour, depending on the program. Your income will vary greatly based on the work you are doing, how successful you are, how much work is available, and how many hours you choose to work.
How will I get paid?
We offer direct deposit, or we can send checks by mail. Checks are issued twice a month to those who have invoiced for work completed.
Will working as an agent replace my full-time job?
This is temporary program work, and it is meant to provide supplemental income, though many agents choose to work enough to replace full-time work. As an independent contractor, you are also able to take advantage of other opportunities outside of Working Solutions while working with us.
Why can't I access the "secure agent area" of the web site?
The Secure Agent Area is only available to agents who are actively working on a Working Solutions project.

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