Becoming An Agent

Become a Working Solutions Agent

Everything you need to know about becoming a Working Solutions agent can be found right here. If you’ve thought about working from home and being your own boss, the Agents On Demand program might be the right fit for you. Working Solutions looks for skilled, educated, and motivated people to assist customers with sales, service and technical support transactions. Agents work directly with customers over the phone, through online chat sessions, and email.

Although we don’t charge any fees or require you to purchase any special equipment, most of our projects require:
  1. an up-to-date computer
  2. a high speed internet connection
  3. a land line telephone
  4. a willingness to work hard
  5. a desire to be successful

If you have these things, you’re ready to apply. To learn more about becoming an agent, please look at the Agent FAQs section, where you’ll find answers to many of the questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agent!

What it takes to become an Agent:

Working Solutions selects highly educated and experienced professionals with great communication skills for our Agents On Demand program.

All of our agents have product knowledge and industry-specific experience to meet the business needs of our clients.