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A Revolutionary Social Media Monitoring And Response Tool That Helps Manage Your Online Brand Image.

Social Media Dashboard

Social media has quickly become the preferred way many consumers communicate with companies and brands. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter facilitate conversations about products and services and allow companies to engage with consumers they haven’t been able to reach in the past. These same sites also allow millions of people to see positive, neutral, or negative comments about your company in real time.

How do you manage the continuous influx of mentions? The answer is PostQ™.

Our social media monitoring and response tool captures posts from more than 180 million blogs and sites, filters the data for relevancy using natural language speech recognition, and queues them up to your representatives in real time using intelligent routing. Most importantly, PostQ allows you to handle social media mentions the same way you treat calls and emails within your contact center, making it a scalable and manageable part of your business.

Monitor And Respond
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Monitor And Respond

PostQ™ augments your existing voice and e-service channels by routing targeted social media interactions for immediate response.

PostQ™ also enables you to:

  • Leverage reports for strategic planning and competitive insight
  • Recognize “hot issues” that require immediate response
  • Identify opinion leaders and social influencers for marketing outreach
  • Use consumer feedback to develop products and services
  • Gauge effectiveness of marketing programs
  • Protect your corporate name and brand image

What are people saying about your company on Twitter?

Although PostQ™ uses sophisticated natural language algorithms (not keyword-based searches), here’s a fun way to find out what’s being said about your brand on Twitter.


(It may take a few tweets to update to a new keyword.)

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