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Our talented home-based professionals deliver industry-leading quality and results...guaranteed!

Working Solutions Agent

Working Solutions understands the pressure to reduce contact center costs, yet still show improvement in critical performance metrics. When you partner with us, we will improve your ROI and your customers’ experience — guaranteed. Agents On Demand frees you from the responsibilities of recruiting, training, and managing the day-to-day operations of the virtual contact center, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Working Solutions Partner Guarantee

We guarantee new Working Solutions clients will achieve an 8 to 14% increase in ROI while meeting or improving your current service levels, or we will make up the difference.

Home Agents In The News

Our skilled professionals have delivered 20 to 30% increases in:
  • add-on sales
  • sales close rates
  • first-call resolutions
  • customer satisfaction scores
  • average order values

What it takes to become an Agent:

Working Solutions selects highly educated and experienced professionals with great communication skills for our Agents On Demand program.

All of our agents have product knowledge and industry-specific experience to meet the business needs of our clients.