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For years, other companies have tried to copy our formula, hoping for the same degree of success. What they don’t have is our years of experience, which makes all the difference.

Working Solutions’ experience translates into higher revenue, higher customer loyalty and engagement, and lower costs for our clients. We even guarantee an 8 to 14% increase in ROI, or we’ll make up the difference.

The confidence to be able to make such a guarantee comes from our talented people, advanced processes, and proven technology.

Talented & Empowered People

Working Solutions has built its home agent community of independent contractors with one thing in mind: our clients' needs. Our network is the largest in the industry, giving our clients access to a rich pool of freelance professionals who would not otherwise be willing or able to commute to a traditional contact center. Each agent has been carefully screened and selected to make sure we have the best people servicing your customers. Furthermore, we’ve developed a proprietary, searchable system for screening, tracking, and selecting agents, making it easy to find exactly the people you need for the project.

“The numbers don’t lie. The numbers said that Working Solutions’ agents were closing at a two to three percent higher rate than all of the other outsourcers, and that meant millions of dollars in extra revenue for us.”
- CEO of a $1 billion commerce company

While many vendors will claim that they have the best agents, Working Solutions proves it. When clients put us to the test against our competitors, Working Solutions consistently outperforms our peers.

Why independent contractors? We chose this relationship to maximize the success of your business. Find out more about the Independent Contractor model, including its advantages and common myths.

Better talent. Better results.

A Fortune 500 client needed customer sales specialists to sell travel packages for customers booking trips to Las Vegas. Working Solutions was able to search our network for experienced agents who had either lived in or regularly traveled to Las Vegas. Those agents knew the best places to stay and to visit, and they were able to delight the customers by sharing their expertise and not just sell them a package. The result was happier customers and increased order values.

Advanced Processes & Tenured Management

The executive team at Working Solutions pioneered the home agent concept. No other company in the industry has more experience operating virtual contact centers and managing home agents. For this reason, companies continually choose Working Solutions as their home agent outsourcer. Our reputation for consistent, high-quality service gives our clients peace of mind.

Managing a virtual workforce requires a different set of processes and a different way of thinking than running facility-based centers. Working Solutions’ project managers understand the keys to being successful in a virtual environment — empowerment, flexibility, innovative thinking — and they have been putting this into practice for many years. In fact, Working Solutions’ project managers have an average of five years with the company. They love what they do, and they are exceptional at it.

From program implementation to security to Collaborative Learning OnDemand™, Working Solutions has spent years perfecting the processes that make the transition seamless for both our clients and our clients’ customers. Our goal is to deliver a positive, memorable, and branded customer experience to help you grow your business. We do this by assigning dedicated agents to the project who are educated on the client’s products, services, systems, branding, and corporate culture. Working Solutions’ project managers work closely with the client, following quality assurance and project management processes. All of this is brought together by the most powerful technology available today — WS iNet.

Proven Technology

For over thirteen years, we’ve been building a powerful, complex platform that supports a virtual workforce and easily integrates with any existing contact center infrastructures. Working Solutions has taken the hassle out of partnering with an outsourcer, as our technology is easy and quick to implement. Additionally, WS iNet allows for intelligent and skills-based routing, making sure your customers are connected to the right agent every time.

Learn more about the power of WS iNet.

The global leader

Since 1996, Working Solutions has helped corporations control costs while improving the customer experience. We partner with forward thinking companies that understand the value of aligning the contact center with the organization's objectives.

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