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Working Solutions, founded in 1996, was the first company to utilize an entire workforce of home-based customer sales and service agents. Founded by President and Chief Operating Officer Kim Houlne, Working Solutions’ first project was to handle inbound and outbound calls for a city government. To recruit agents for the job, Houlne launched a web site at a time when the Internet did not have Google, YouTube, or Facebook, becoming one of the first virtual workforce companies in history.

By the end of the first year, Working Solutions’ agent network grew to 2,000. Today, more than one million people have applied, and our network encompasses more than 110,000 agents. Our clients have access to a pool of educated professionals from virtually any industry, geographic location, and experience level.

Working Solutions’ executive team is comprised of individuals who have extensive experience in both contact center and non-contact center sectors, with each member bringing an average of seven to ten years of experience in their respective fields. This depth of vertical knowledge has been instrumental in the company’s ability to tailor specific projects for clients across industries. Our experience is accentuated by the fact that unlike many contact center providers, Working Solutions’ executive team has maintained an extremely low attrition rate, resulting in strong consistency in direction among the company’s decision makers.

It is a combination of our years of experience, our refined processes, our sophisticated technology, and carefully-selected agents that allow for the highest levels of customer engagement and loyalty in the contact center industry.

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Since 1996, Working Solutions has helped corporations control costs while improving the customer experience. We partner with forward thinking companies that understand the value of aligning the contact center with the organization's objectives.

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